Haan Steam Cleaner – SI-35R Floor Sanitizer Review

Every home needs a clean floor such as Haan Steam Cleaner SI-35R. And to get the job done, you know that you’re going to have to use all these chemicals because how else are you going to get a clean floor, right? And that mop! Using a regular mop is such a chore that many don’t even touch the thing until they really need to. With the Haan steam cleaner, there’s another way to get those floors clean, and that way does not include the use of chemicals and that stinky mop.

The Haan steam cleaner makes use of steam to get rid of stubborn dirt. And with steam reaching temperatures beyond 212 degrees F, the Haan steam cleaner is capable of wiping away 99.9% of harmful germs to help you achieve a naturally clean and healthy home. The Haan Steam Cleaner is flexible enough to reach easily below cabinets and appliances to ensure that every nook and cranny of your floors are clean. Each pack of this steam mop comes with two microfiber pads and carpet glide.

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Haan Steam Cleaner SI-35R Product Features

The Haan steam cleaner features an easy-fill tank that can provide up 20 minutes of steam cleaning. To get started, just quickly fill this tank up and wait for it to start up. This shouldn’t take long though because you should be ready to use the Haan steam cleaner in under 3 minutes. This Haan Steam Cleaner is available in red, green, and white. You can also use steam scents from Haan so you can clean with sweet-smelling steam. Steam scents available in apple and orange scents.

Haan Steam Cleaner SI-35R Floor Sanitizer

Haan Steam Cleaner – SI-35R Floor Sanitizer

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What people are saying about Haan Steam Cleaner SI-35R…

Amazon.com is one of the places you can get your hands on a Haan steam cleaner. Head on over there and you can check out what people are saying about this steam cleaner from Haan. Here are some of the things people had to say about the Haan steam cleaner: “Easy, fast and very, very quiet to use, Works great. I even like to mop now.”, “Plenty of steam power and quick start-up. We have 1300 sqft. of tile that took one hour to clean with a mop, with the Haan SI 35R it takes 20 minutes and the tile is cleaner and there is zero residue, and I was a little worried that it’d be a hassle to wait for the floor to dry since I have little kids who want to run around and I am impatient but by the time I finished the room, the first half was dry. It actually doesn’t leave much water on the floor at all.”

Is the Haan steam cleaner SI-35R for you?

If you’re anyone who has had to clean a floor, yes. If you’re anyone who can’t stand using mops, yes. If you’re anyone who doesn’t like using chemicals around the house, yes. If you’re anyone who’s serious about getting rid of dirt and germs on your floor, yes. If you’re anyone who likes getting a job done quickly, yes. The Haan steam cleaner though may set you back more than what the other floor cleaners are priced at but the difference in price is a small amount to pay for the immense convenience you can get out of this steam cleaner. This Haan steam cleaner should pay for itself too in the long run since you’ll be cutting back on the use of chemicals for cleaning. It’s always a good thing to shop around first before making a purchase but please make sure that this steam cleaner from Haan is on your list. Cleaning floors isn’t exactly pleasant but a Haan steam cleaner can change all that for you.